Antica Modena | Condiments
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Classic white condiment

500 ml and 250 ml

White wine vinegar and fine grape musts give life to a condiment that is distinguished by the delicacy of its taste and its light colour. Perfect for those who love sweet and sour flavours, but do not like a dark colour.
Fresh and slightly sour, it is ideal for salads, white fish and poultry. Try it in preparing your marinades, sauces and sousing with a delicate taste.

Sweet white condiment

500 ml

Produced from white wine vinegar and fine grape musts, it maintains the freshness and the fruity taste of the classic white condiment adding a touch of even more intense sweetness.
A flavouring with an aromatic and complex taste, ideal for dressing salads and for dishes where fish is the protagonist.

Rosé condiment

500 ml

Innovation and versatility, a strong but well-balanced taste, for a condiment that comes from joining rosé wine and fine grape musts.
Its unmistakable rosé colour is perfect in combination with the richest salads or to flavour meat and fish carpaccio.