Antica Modena | Our quality
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Our quality

The Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI is a very complex product, a skilful blend of different ingredients that vary according to quality, quantity and period of aging. Adding more or less vinegar or must, using cooked or concentrated must, as well as selecting barrels and vats of different sizes, greatly varies the taste, density, colour and costs.

To simplify this choice, Antica Modena has decided to join the Leaf System created by AIB (the Italian Balsamic Tasters), an independent association that has developed an objective, independent and widespread method for evaluating the characteristics of the various Balsamic Vinegars from Modena. It involves four categories represented by an increasing number of leaves, from one leaf, the most basic quality, to the four leaves, indicating the highest quality.


Four leaves
Dense and syrupy consistency

Ideal for exclusive recipes, fruit, ice cream, Parmesan.
A superb, intense, complex taste with a dense and syrupy consistency.


Three leaves
Full-bodied consistency

Ideal for seconds, meat, fish and warm sauces.
A rounded, persistent and decisive taste with a full-bodied consistency.


Two leaves
Semi-fluid consistency

Ideal for grilled and baked vegetables.
A soft, balanced and fruity taste, with a semi-fluid consistency.


One leaves
Fluid consistency

Ideal for salads and everyday use.
A light, slightly pungent and lively taste with a fluid consistency.